May 8-10 | Morial Convention Center | New Orleans, LA | Powered By: WIA

Innovations in Broadband Funding-Evolution and Impact of DEI

There are unprecedented requirements in federal sponsored programs for inclusion of diverse suppliers in the allocation of billions of dollars of spending on broadband, transportation, energy, and other infrastructure programs. Federal agencies have submitted Equity Action Plans to the White House which specify 3-5 ways DEI and services to marginalized urban and rural communities will be addressed in the allocation of funds to States, territories and subgrantees. Likewise, States and territories have submitted plans in response to NTIA’s broadband NOFOs. Federal grants to programs have statutory requirements that establish closely monitored accountability measures, and success metrics for the process, method, and impact of funds in addressing social and economic disparities. This panel will examine these requirements in broadband and related NOFOs, and current best practices that could help to ensure compliance WIA members and supporters.

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